Top Blockchain Gaming Platform – Calvaria

There is a new crypto gaming project out on the market. It called Calvaria. Calvaria was set to finally help blockchain gaming going mainstream with experts and analysts expecting the flagship game Duels of Eternity to be a major hit.

The project is now currently in the early stages of its presale and has so far raised more than USD $1 million in a little more than a week as investors flock to get in while prices remain low.


In fact, native token RIA is currently on sale for $0.02 in stage 3 of its presale but will increase to $0.055 by the tenth and final stage – a 175% increase and 450% increase from stage 1.

Calvaria has identified two major issues that are stopping casual and traditional gamers from making the switch to blockchain gaming.

They have developed a free-to-play (F2P) version of Duels of Eternity – a battle-card strategy game – to address them. This F2P version will have two major features designed to appeal to non-blockchain gamers.

Calvaria 2

The first issue is most blockchain games need a huge outlay to even take part in the game, with players needing to buy expensive NFT characters or a large number of tokens to access it and creating a significant barrier to entry that immediately puts players off.

Fortnite and Co may be monetized – with players paying to upgrade features, weapons, and skins – but anyone can play the full game completely for free.

The Duels of Eternity F2P mode will be without cost, and Calvaria hopes to attract players to the blockchain through the game itself and by having a visible tracker that shows players how much they could’ve earned had they been playing the P2E version.

The second issue is a lack of technical knowledge, especially in younger gamers, which Calvaria hopes to solve by offering gamified educational modes, presented as quests.

Not only will players learn about blockchain technology, but they will earn rewards that can then be used in the game.

Rather than expect new players to pay out to be part of the ecosystem, Calvaria believes its game will be enough to attract players once they begin playing.

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