What Next For Dogecoin Amidst Twitter Acquisition By Elon?

What will happen to Dogecoin? Dogecoin price continues to lead among other crypto majors, bringing its weekly accumulated gains to 30%. The largest meme coin market spiked to $0.0848 on Thursday but retraced to close the day at $0.0770.

With Elon Musk at the helm of Twitter, Dogecoin could secure its position as the new social media meme coin. The world largest meme coin use cases have continued to grow over the last two years, bolstered by its association with Musk. The billionaire founder and CEO of Tesla – the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, confirmed the acquisition of Twitter on Friday.

With already more than 2,000 global businesses entities accept Dogecoin as payment and Musk’s two leading companies, Tesla and SpaceX, currently accept payments in DOGE for some of their product, the usage of Dogecoin will became bigger

As per analyst predict, DOGE will likely be accepted as the preferred token for Twitter-based transactions. Such backing by Twitter will benefit Dogecoin as it tries to recoup the ground to its historical high of $0.7315 and beyond to the much-coveted $1 level.

While this twit circulating wildly, something need to be aware.

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